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 As we move quickly into June and the holidays are fast approaching, we need to think about how we can keep ourselves and our families occupied during the summer months. When cash flow is tight and we’re paying off debts, it can be a stretch to book holidays and other expensive activities in the summer. We have a list of some things you can do that are perfect for those on a budget!  


1) Take some walks or go on a hike  

The number one free activity. Whether you want to go for a leisurely stroll or climb a mountain, walking has no cost at all. Grab your comfortable shoes and go for a walk through the endless parks across Scotland’s cities or take on a bigger challenge and climb Ben A’an or Ben Nevis. Either way, you’ll achieve a great day out while you’re on a budget.  


2) Soak in some free history  

There are many historical places across the UK that are free to access. You can spend days wandering around all of the galleries and cathedrals that the country has to offer. Take a trip to a museum or find a local art gallery or castle to visit. You’re guaranteed to find something close by that the whole family will enjoy.  


3) Relax on the beach  

We may not get much good weather in the UK but when the sun arrives, you should definitely take a trip to the beach. Scotland has some beautiful beaches just waiting for you! From the Edinburgh seaside coast to Ayr and Troon, you’re sure to be able to find a beach where you can enjoy a great day out.  


4) Jump on your bike  

Cycling is a great way to spend a day and get some exercise at the same time. You’re likely to find a local trail to follow or you can go along to some local parks and gardens to spend your day. Don’t forget to take a picnic with you – it’s hungry work! 


5) Get out in the garden  

As the weather gets milder you can spend much more time outside your home. Try throwing a BBQ or a garden party – this is fun for adults and children alike. Throw in some music and games and it will be an enjoyable day that everyone can enjoy at a low cost.  

 Whatever way you choose to spend your summer, there are many cheap alternatives for those on a budget. Spending a little on a day out is reasonable but don’t blow all of your money on expensive holidays and park tickets. Your debt free journey can sometimes be hard but it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.  

If you need some advice on how to deal with your debts this summer, contact us today. Our advisors will talk you through the debt solutions that are available to you. Talk to us here.

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