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Debt can have a major effect on mental health. It can cause stress, anxiety and depression in those who find themselves in a tough financial situation. Many feel helpless at being unable to control the events happening in their life and it can take just a small change in circumstances to send someone into a downward spiral.  

The documentary ‘How debt kills’ by the BBC hits home with how fast and heavily someone can be affected by debt. Jerome Rogers, who worked hard as a delivery driver, got into a lot of debt after receiving a driving fine. This one fine started a domino effect and he owed more and more money because his income could not cover the costs of what he owed.  

In this heartbreaking story, Jerome suffers so much because of his debt that he takes his own life. It’s not uncommon for debt to affect someone in this way and it’s something that can affect anyone. We help people across the UK every day who are struggling with their debt and mental health.

Read more about Jerome’s story here – How Debt Kills, Jerome Rogers: 1995 -2016