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Avoid the health risks that come with financial stress

Constantly worrying about money can have serious effects on your health and can even put you at a higher risk of having more health problems. Finance related stress has often been linked to heart disease, migraines, lack of sleep and has even resulted in people having...

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Your summer activities on a budget

 As we move quickly into June and the holidays are fast approaching, we need to think about how we can keep ourselves and our families occupied during the summer months. When cash flow is tight and we’re paying off debts, it can be a stretch to book holidays and...

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Debt can have a major effect on mental health. It can cause stress, anxiety and depression in those who find themselves in a tough financial situation. Many feel helpless at being unable to control the events happening in their life and it can take just a small change...

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Save even on the smallest income

It’s easy to put money into savings when you have a large salary that covers all of your expenses and then some. However, it is possible to save even when your salary is smaller. Having a savings account is important for your future so it’s a good idea to...

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Prepare for an income emergency

Events can often occur in life that mean we sometimes need some emergency cash. Anything from the loss of a job, reduction in working hours or a health problem can all lead to an income emergency and these situations are just to name a few. Many of us are not prepared...

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